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Harrison County Schools Multimedia Television Studio

One Eagle Way, Clarksburg, WV
(304) 624-3325 x 6157

Class Enrollment Form

Student Commitment: 


Television production is a field that demands discipline, dedication, and planning. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate a great deal of  personal responsibility. 

The student will properly produce video in his or her own school.

The student will attend formal class instruction at the Harrison County Multimedia Television Studio at Robert C. Byrd High School or predetermined location. If an absence is necessary, it is the student’s responsibility to notify Mr. Bode and make arrangements for any missed assignments

The student will attend production meetings and tapings.

The student will assist in the production of a video library for use in the Harrison County Multimedia Collaborative at Robert C. Byrd High School.

The student will assist in the production of programming for Harrison County Schools Channel 18.

2017-2018 School Year Registration

Course Description: Video production/ performance is a course designed to introduce students to the terminology and procedures related to television programming and production.  This class will provide formal instruction and practical application of these skills in the Harrison County Multimedia Collaborative television studio at Robert C. Byrd High School. Students will produce programming, which will be aired on Time Warner Channel 18.
Outline of Content:  
Video production/ performance is a product-based, hands-on class. Students will often engage in after-hours and off campus taping of material to be aired on Time Warner Channel 18. The student will be responsible for editing his or her material and producing an air worthy finished product. Students will learn studio and field operation including lighting, audio, trade terminology, and editing. Hands-on application of these skills will be reinforced through learning modules provided by the instructor.   

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