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Current School Calendar

During the 2013 legislative sessions, substantial changes were made to the school calendar statutes. Senate Bill 359 provided local school boards with more flexibility to develop a calendar indicative of individual needs while requiring 180 separate days of student instruction. An overview of some of the major changes and highlights:

Instructional Term: 180 separate days of student instruction; required to PROVIDE, not just schedule

Public Hearings: minimum 2 scheduled public hearings, which are listed in Class II legal advertisements, prior to a board adoption; quorum of board members must be present; can be in conjunction with a meeting or separately

Length of Instructional Term: 200 day employment term extended from 43 to 48 weeks

Employment Term: Minimum employment term of 200 days for regular, full time employees; employment term cannot exceed 48 weeks; maximum number of out of calendar days is 40 days

Recovery of Lost Instructional Term: Development of local policy to address recovery of all instructional time due to late arrivals and early dismissals; county must schedule instruction on any available non instructional day (other than 7 holidays and Election Day) or use an out-of-calendar day (excluding Saturdays or Sundays); certain days can be "protected" and not used as a make-up day (Prep days, CE days, meeting days, etc.)

Outside of School Environment Days: Must schedule 4 of the 6 required OS days after the 130 instructional day; State Board Policy 3234, adopted December 11, 2013 and in effect on January 13, 2014, covers the school calendar

Faculty Senate: 

...Five two-hour blocks of time during school year required

...One block of time must be on the day scheduled for the opening of the instructional term

...Four addition 2 hour blocks of time must be scheduled on non-instructional days

...All must be scheduled at least once every 45 days

...Accrued instructional time can be used to provide the four 2-hour blocks of time to meet during an instructional day if every school in the district has earned sufficient time

...Faculty senate may schedule a meeting on an instructional day outside of the instructional time as long as the meeting takes place prior to that day that it is scheduled in the school calendar

...A faculty senate may meet for an unlimited block of time during a non instructional day

...If a non instructional day, on which the faculty senate meeting is scheduled, is cancelled due to inclement weather, the county board may reschedule the non instructional day in order for the faculty senate to meet

...If a county reschedules canceled instructional days by using non instructional days or out-of-calendar days, employees are not entitled to an additional day of compensation unless an employee is required to report to work on both the cancelled instructional day and the make-up day

Statewide Assessments Window: May not be scheduled 30 days prior to end of instructional term as determined by original school calendar

Graduation Dates: may not be held earlier that 5 instructional days prior to end of regularly scheduled term for all students as submitted originally to WVDE

Summer School and Intersessions: Required to be listed now on submitted calendar

Out of Calendar Days: If a county does not have sufficient non-instructional days to make up for cancelled days, the board must reschedule the days on out-of-calendar days. When an out-of-calendar day is used as a make-up day for a cancelled instructional day, it is a non-paid day.

Accrued Instructional Time: County board must adopt a policy that requires additional minutes of instruction to be added each instructional day to recover lost time due late arrivals or early dismissals caused by inclement weather or contagious disease. If all county schools have accrued sufficient instructional time during their regular schedules, county boards do not have to add additional minutes to the day. Local boards responsible for tracking accrued instructional time records; cannot be used to convert a complete day of instruction or to avoid 180 separate days; cannot be used of extracurricular activities

May be used: Recover time lost

Professional development activities

Faculty Senate meetings on instructional days